Particulars from the paparazzi.

“Higgins certainly delivers”John McGurk, Sunday Life
Vocally, the delivery is passionate and clear inspiration can be seen from Bruce Springsteen and Eddie VedderRuairi Jordan, GiggingNI
“…normally known for their groovy rock numbers Damian has taken things up a notch on his original Christmas release. He’s blown the budget and brought in some piano, jingly bells and a rather grand sounding choir that make it a festive release to remember.”Robert Brown, Chordblossom
“…a  little corker of tune that has more Xmas spirit than Scrooge McDuck!”Pastie Bap
“…prime purveyors of commercially-sussed blues rock…it’s Tempest Fugitives uniformly tight musicianship which particularly impresses.”John McGurk, Sunday Life
“Their most striking and impressive song was the slow dramatic rock song “Brother”. It complimented the growling ethereal voice of the front man as well as being musically flawless.”Freyja Bourke, Chordblossom