Listen and enjoy.

  • Late One Night (2017)

    Late one night is a 3 song EP. The title track is a Christmas song, but it’s not like the others you hear so you can listen to it any time of the year! It’s a catchy Christmas rock ballad complete with dual-guitars, piano, bells, big chorus, big solo, and a choir (including my little niece & nephew). The 2nd song, Beyond Today, is a beautiful acoustic ballad with a rousing chorus and uplifting trumpet hook. The 3rd Song, Long Gone One, could be described as a jaunty Tom Waits dirge. It’s piano driven but sparkles when the electric guitar melody kicks in. There’s a video for Long Gone One on the Video page.

  • Around The Sun (2016)

    Around the Sun is a 5 song EP which I recorded with my former band Tempest Fugitives. It’s a full on alt-blues/rock record. The 4 original songs range from the full-tilt ‘One Last Run’ and ‘How’d This Happen?’, through the almost Motown ‘Something’, to the heavy, dramatic ‘Brother’. We also recorded a cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’. The whole record was a lot of fun to make and all of the rest of the band are great musicians, as you will hear if you have a listen.


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